What We Offer

First Time Homebuyers

Being a First Time Homebuyer can be scary. We will simplify the mortgage process, save you time and effort, and help you secure a mortgage that aligns with your financial goals and circumstances.

Mortgage Refinance

We will simplify the refinancing process by providing access to a wide range of options, negotiating with lenders to secure favorable terms, and guiding clients through the paperwork and administrative tasks involved. Our expertise and support help ensure that the refinancing process is smooth and beneficial for the homeowner.

Debt Consolidation

Reduce and manage your debt burden. Is debt consolidation right for you? We can assist with debt consolidation by leveraging the equity in your home to consolidate multiple debts into one mortgage. With our support we will negotiate a favourable term with lenders and guide you through the paperwork and decision making.

Rental Properties

We simplify the process of financing rental properties by providing access to specialized lenders, evaluating rental income, analyzing financing options, negotiating with lenders, and offering expert advice on investment strategy. Our expertise helps investors make informed decisions and optimize the financial performance of their rental property portfolio.

Spousal Buyout

Spousal buyout mortgage can be an emotional one. It's crucial to consult with a legal professional specializing in family law and a mortgage broker to navigate the process smoothly and ensure your rights and interests are protected. Our expertise will help navigate the complexities of buying out a spouse's share of a property and achieve a fair and successful outcome.

Reverse Mortgages

We simplify the process of obtaining a reverse mortgage by offering expertise, access to lenders, guidance through the application process. A reverse mortgage can provide financial freedom and will allow you to convert part of the equity in your home to work for you.

Private Mortgages

There are circumstances where a private mortgage can make sense for you despite being perceived as more expensive compared to traditional bank financing. We help break down the cost and benefit of utilizing private lending as one of the tools in your toolbox. Whether it is a new construction draw mortgage OR one step in your road to credit recovery. We will hold your hand through it all.

High Net Worth

High net worth lending program refers to a specialized lending service offered to individuals with substantial assets and high net worth. These programs are designed to meet the unique financial needs of clients who may require more tailored borrowing solutions than traditional lending products.

Self Employed

A mortgage broker can be especially valuable for self-employed clients due to the unique challenges you often face when trying to secure a mortgage. We are here to provide invaluable assistance to self-employed clients by helping you navigate the mortgage process, access specialized lenders, and secure a mortgage that meets your unique needs and circumstances.

Mortgage Renewal

We will streamline the mortgage renewal process by offering access to competitive renewal options, advocating for better terms with lenders, and guiding clients through paperwork and decision-making. With our expertise and support, homeowners can navigate the renewal process confidently and ensure it aligns with their financial goals.

New to Canada

Our expertise helps newcomers navigate the mortgage process with confidence to achieve their homeownership goals in Canada. A mortgage as a newcomer often requires specific documentation, such as proof of income, residency, and credit history. We guide clients through the process of gathering and preparing the necessary documents, ensuring they meet the lender's requirements.

Credit Rebuilding / Bruised Credit

A mortgage broker plays a crucial role in helping clients with credit rebuilding or bruised credit by offering personalized strategies, access to specialized lenders, advocacy during the mortgage application process, and guidance to improve creditworthiness. We provide road maps to clients that aren't quite ready yet with steps to get you on the right track. Our expertise and support empowers clients to overcome past financial challenges and achieve their homeownership goals.

Purchase Plus Improvements

A Purchase Plus Improvements mortgage is a type of mortgage that allows homebuyers to finance both the purchase price of a property and the cost of renovations or improvements in a single loan. It is a convenient option for those looking to buy a fixer-upper or to customize a home to your liking.

New Construction

A new construction mortgage provides financing for the construction of a new home, allowing buyers to build their dream home while managing payments throughout the construction process. We have access to a network of lenders, including those who specialize in new construction, draw mortgages and more.

New Professional Program

Programs that project income for clients who are newly practicing or still in residency/fellowship programs can provide crucial financial planning assistance. For professionals like physicians, dentists, and veterinarians, who often undergo extensive education and training before entering full practice, having a clear understanding of their future income potential. This is essential for making informed financial decisions. Let us help you set the stage for your future financial well-being!